What does your cat mean? 10 most common tail movements


There are those who say that cats are not as good as dogs. That they’re selfish, bad, treacherous, self-serving… How many slanders!


It is once again the day of the cat, the animal that celebrates this feast … Those of us who love and adore felines are fascinated by their intriguing personality, very similar to that of people.

They are not as simple as dogs, you have to know how to understand them, which is not easy since they have not (yet) learned to speak.

How do you get along with your own cat?

How do you know if you want company or prefer to be alone?

Does he play games or is he angry?

The answer to all these questions will be obtained by observing one particular point: the tail.

Not only does this limb help with the balance problems of these small, agile animals, but it is also one of its most expressive parts.

Let’s see which feline feelings are the easiest to recognize from a cat’s tail:

1) Watch out for ristling tail

Have you ever seen a cat with a straight tail and bristly hair? Of course you have.
You will have noticed that the cat moves in a squatting position and is clearly very nervous.
This usually happens when it meets another cat or something it interprets as a threat.
In this case, it’s best to stay away so that you don’t risk being attacked.

2) Cat with a straight tail

Is the tail erected at right angles to the michi’s spine? Your cat is smiling at you! This is a very positive indicator that occurs, for example, when the cat sees you coming home or when she knows you’re about to feed her. It’s a good sign and invites you to spend some quality time with your favourite feline

3) The playful tail

In this case, the tail will also be straight at a 90-degree angle to the animal’s back, but you will notice that it is not stationary, but vibrates gently.
In this way, the cat expresses very positive emotions: this attitude actually indicates that the cat is excited by something that is happening and that it is capturing all its interest in a positive way, like a kind of toy.

4) The mimosa cola

When your cat is with its tail high, 90 degrees backwards, but not straight but has a little curve at the end, as if it were a question mark, this is the best thing that can happen to you.
This position means that the cat wants to be in company and wants you to pet it.
Of course, you need to know what kind of physical affection each cat prefers and how much, but whatever the case, the time for love has come, enjoy it!

5) The tail as an extension of the spine

It’s when you see that the tail is straight, aligned with the back. Be careful because this is not a good sign.
The kitten indicates that he’s interested in what’s going on around him but that he’s alert and prefers to observe everything from a distance until he’s sure he can trust himself.

6) Tail low and contracted

If you see that the cat is tense and its hind leg is low or moves it with a little nervousness, it means that it is in hunting mode, it is stalking a prey.
Although they are domestic cats and / or neutered, they usually do not lose their hunting instinct and enjoy capturing small rodents, birds and insects, it also happens with certain light effects such as laser pointer or mirror reflection.

7) With the tail between the legs

This is a sign that something is about to happen or that something is really bothering the cat. When he has his tail between his legs, it means that he feels threatened or very scared and he doesn’t know how to react, he may calm down, he may run away or he may attack something that may be threatening.

8) Move your tail!

This is one of the most characteristic movements of a cat’s tail. You’ll notice that it moves it frantically from side to side, even touching the ground.
It’s also a red flag because it indicates that there’s something making you nervous or angry, but that you’re trying to control your emotions.

9) dream tail

Just as there are people who move while they sleep, the same thing happens with certain animals such as dogs and cats. Some kittens wag their tails constantly or intermittently to achieve different types of intensity. No need to worry, you’re just dreaming, hopefully no nightmares.

10) Bushy or relaxed tail


Here you will see that the tail has no kind of prominence in the position of the cat.
You can see it resting on the floor, curled up or around the cat’s body.
In this case, there is nothing to worry about either, quite the contrary.
The cat is very calm. If the tail is wrapped around the legs, it means it is about to fall asleep, if it is wrapped around something else, it could be interpreted as a cuddle.