The best and worst foods for children

Children love sweets and junk food, just like everyone else. Although children can tolerate these terrible foods much better than we adults can, it is important to teach them healthy eating habits so that they can establish healthy eating habits in adolescence and adulthood. In addition, childhood obesity has become an alarming problem in this country. So let’s take a look at what foods are best for your children and which ones you should avoid the most.

The best foods for children

Make sure your children eat lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Adequate calcium is needed for bone growth – 800-1300 mg per day. When it comes to protein and fat, natural foods are much better than over-processed foods. What are natural foods? They are simply foods that contain a single ingredient. If you go to the store and you see a bunch of ingredients on the package that you have no idea about, it’s a processed food. For example, all-natural chicken breasts are a much better choice than hot dogs. Baked salmon is much better than frozen fish sticks.

Here are the best foods and ingredients for kids :

  • Calcium – dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Whole grains (100% whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereals)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Protein (chicken, meat, fish, eggs, beans)
  • Healthy fats (olive oil, salmon, tuna, avocado (you may need to make guacamole), nuts)

The worst foods for children

Although children can handle unhealthy foods much better than adults, mainly because they are growing up and have a higher metabolism, we still want to limit these unhealthy foods as much as possible. The first is sweets. Limit your child to two sweets a day: a drink and a snack. Lunch is the ideal time for a sweet drink, because he can process it and burn off the extra sugar by playing or exercising in the afternoon.

Also, don’t give him just any sweet drink, especially soda. In addition to excess sugar, soda is loaded with carbonation and tons of other unnecessary polluted chemical waste such as phosphoric acid. The ideal drinks are fresh fruit juices or chocolate milk, as they have health benefits and do not contain unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Juice contains vitamins and antioxidants, and chocolate milk contains calcium and protein. At the very most, avoid beverages with high fructose corn syrup on the ingredient list.

For desserts, well sometimes you’ll have to let things slide here. It’s hard to control what kids eat at birthday parties or say no when they ask for ice cream when you’re all on vacation. If your children’s nutrition is generally good, one unhealthy snack won’t hurt them. But don’t give them a large portion and don’t give them time for dessert. For healthy desserts, you may want to buy natural products from the store, such as all-natural cookies, made from natural and organic ingredients, without excessive additives or preservatives. Ideal desserts also include fresh fruit and use natural sweeteners such as raw honey instead of refined sugar.

One of the worst things you can do is give your children one of these sweetened cereals for breakfast. They will have a lot of energy, and once they get to school, they will have a loss of energy once all the sugar has been processed. Instead, give them a whole grain cereal, or make them eggs or pancakes with whole grains. Whole grains contain less sugar and more fibre. This means that the sugar will be absorbed into the bloodstream and processed much more slowly, so there will be no spikes and dips in energy.

In summary, the worst foods and ingredients for children are the following

  • Refined sugars
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Fried food
  • Foods that are too rich in starchy foods such as white bread, white rice, white potatoes and white pasta.
  • Sweet cereals

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help your children adopt a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating.