Cats area unit one amongst the foremost standard pets within the world. The playful nature of cute cats adds joy and happiness to our life. they’re additionally fond, trainable and intelligent.


Here the list of ten most lovely cat breeds within the world.


The exotic shorthair cats are referred to as shorthaired Persian. This breed has same body and a flat face because the Persian breed except short coast.
The exotic hair breed was developed in 1950 by crossing Persian cats with totally different short haired cat breeds.
Unlike Persian cats, exotic shorthair cats have short coat. so the exotic shorthair breed doesn’t demand daily grooming like Persian cats. At a similar time, exotic shorthair cat meets all alternative standards of Persian cats.
Exotic shorthairs area unit extraordinarily loyal, playful, sweet and fond. They demand your attention and prefer to sit on your lap. Exotic shorthair weighs up to fifteen pounds and really short tall. Like Persian cats, they comein wide selection of colours as well as silver, cream, smoke, blue and black.
The short and broad face, small ears, short nose and wide eyes keep the prettiness of exotic hair throughout their life. they’re additionally not simply plagued by diseases.


The British shorthair is one amongst the traditional cat breeds within the world. This cat breed was foreign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from Egypt within the first century A.D. The medium sized British shorthair cats area unit extraordinarily fond and calm.
British shorthairs simply get connected with relations.
They additionally get on well with alternative pets. The dense and short coat of British shorthair cats are available black, blue, white, red, cream, silver and gold colours.

3- Felis domesticus

The medium sized, foreign trying Felis domesticus cats area unit named once Yaltopya ( Former name of Ethiopia) , same place from wherever it had been thought to be originated.
It’s additionally aforesaid to be domestic cat has robust similitude with a sacred cat of Ancient Egypt.
Abyssinian cats have wedge formed ears and pointed ears. The short and deep coat of Felis domesticus cats area unit in deep,f brown shade. they’re terribly intelligent, active and playful . homeowners can even train the Felis domesticus cats simply.


The Birman is one amongst most tasty cat breeds with putting coloration. it’s additionally known as as ‘Sacred cat of Burma‘.
In step with a legend, Once a bunch of white cats was lived in an exceedingly Burmese temple. sadly, the most priest got dead by the robbers. One white cat came beside the priest and offered intimacy for his final movement.
Once the death of priest, all the white cats within the temple got remodeled into enticing golden color with the grace of immortal of the temple.
The eyes of the cats additionally look light-blue similar to the immortal.
Birman breed got introduced in Europe and U.S within the twentieth century.
All birman kittens stay in pure white color for initial 2 years. After that, totally different marking seems on face, ears, legs and tail. The marking on their body seems in numerous colours as well as chocolate, blue, red, cream, lilac and seal. however the legs of the birman breed stay white for all life.
The muscular body of birman cats weigh between 5-7 kilograms. They additionally has medium sized tail and drawn-out coat. Bitman breed isn’t thus active. however they prefer to be with their homeowners.
They additionally build a bond with alternative pets within the house.


This tiger trying toyger cat breed was developed by the cross between a customary Bengal tabby and a stripy domestic short hair. it’s additionally terribly onerous to search out this special cat breed outside us.
The toyger cat breed continues to be in development. The distinctive tiger like marking area unit at random distributed on lightweight orange coloured coat.
Toyger cat encompasses a medium sized muscular body and weighs between 4-6 kilograms. The cat additionally has little rounded ears and an extended tail.
Toyger cats area unit playful and like to bond with individuals. Toygers are one amongst intelligent automotive breeds and might be simply trained. They additionally use their camouflage coat to catch little stock.


The special Scottish fold cat breeds area unit higher well-known for his or her distinctive ears, rolled-up forward and down. it’s the dominant gene-mutation that causes the ears to bend like this.
It additionally offers a clean rounded look for the pinnacle of Scottish fold cats.
The Scottish fold additionally has giant sphericaled eyes and a round face.
It offers an entire pretty spherical hunt for Scottish fold cat.
AUnlike matured cats the Scottish fold kittens have straight ears and it begins to fold once 3 weeks from the birth. There area unit each long haired and short haired Scottish fold cats.
Their coat encompasses a verity of colours as well as chocolate, blue, red, lavender and totally different mixtures of white. Scottish folds area unit playful and really fond.
They additionally accustomed sit in ‘Buddha position’ by leveling the body on hind legs.


The ragdoll is a sexy semi-longhair cat breed with wonderful blue eyes. Ragdolls may be a terribly loving, playful, loyal and residential taken with cat that like to follow you each time reception.
They’re conjointly intelligent enough to cover the claws whereas play with you. they’re conjointly noted for greet you at the doors a bit like guard dogs.
The coat of ragdoll cats seem in four totally different patters referred to as pointed, mitted, colorful and catamount. every pattern comes in an exceedingly type of colours together with blue, seal, chocolate, red, lilac and cream. They shed their shiny hairs in numerous seasons.
The ears and tail of ragdoll cats have dark markings. They weigh between three.5 -8 kilograms and have a mean life of fourteen years.

8- Maine COON

The engaging and intensely loving Maine coons ar the most important domesticated cat breed within the world. it’s aforementioned to be main coon was originated from a cross between semi-wild and domestic cats.
They’re conjointly called yankee longhair.
Maine coon cats ar as loyal and friendly as dogs. The Maine coon breed comes in an exceedingly big variety of patterns and colours. they’ll be found in red, orange, cream, white, black, silver colours.
The engaging coat of Maine coon cats are water-resistant. The thick coat conjointly helps them to face up to in extreme cold climate.
The big and spherical eyes of Maine coon cats are available in inexperienced, gold, copper and white colours.
The active Maine coon cats even have a more robust understanding of the human world. Unlike, different pet cats they ne’er demand all time attention from the owner. they solely follow the master and show deep tenderness through a range of chirps.

9- Felis domesticus

The very social and loving Siamese cats have a lot of communication power than the other cat breeds within the world. They turn out a pregnant monologue for you.
It shows their worthy try for human action with you. The loud and harsh sound of Siamese cats tells you precisely what they need. They wish to follow you all time and to rest on your lap.
This very social cat demands your company and ne’er wish to be alone within the house.
The engaging Siamese cats have a muscular body, triangular head, elongated ears and almond formed eyes. All Siamese kittens ar born with pure cream color. however the colour begin to vary when they become four weeks recent. Majority of adult Siamese cats have dark brown points and creamy body.
The short coat of Siamese cats conjointly comes in ivory, cinnamon pink, bluish-white and milk-chocolate colours.

10- domestic cat


The long haired and stylish Persian cats ar one among the oldest and most well-liked cat breeds within the world.
It’s aforementioned to be this engaging cat breed originated in Persia (former name of Iran).
The exceptional coat of domestic cat has quite eighty color variations together with white, black, blue, chocolate, red, cream, silver and lilac.
The eyes of Persian cats are available in deep blue, blue-green or brown colours. The medium sized domestic cat features a rounded head, full cheek, large-rounded eyes, and short nose.
The Persian cats ar very loving and that they demand your attention.
Most of cat lovers wish to own Persian cats as a result of their quiet and calm nature. They ne’er jump or climb within the house. They wish to pay most of their time with house members and different pets.