Sports activities for children : Why choose squash

Squash is one of the most distinctive games because it can be played by everyone, even children! In fact, squash is simply becoming one of the best sports activities for young people. It has many health benefits and several features that compel parents to encourage their children to play the sport. Let’s take a look at why squash is becoming one of the best sports activities for kids.

Did you know that squash is considered one of the best sports in terms of health and fitness? According to Forbes magazine, squash is without a doubt the healthiest sport that has been played lately. Nevertheless, squash can be considered one of the healthiest sports for youth and adults. Simply put, squash is good for the heart and lungs because it involves a lot of travel. In addition, squash improves the flexibility of the player’s body, which must move with agility to hit the ball. It should also be noted that squash improves hand-eye coordination and the player’s response time. In addition, it allows the player to be in good cardiovascular health and to burn extra calories (517 calories in only thirty minutes according to Cliffe). It is also an excellent activity from a psychological point of view and probably one of the best stress reducers.

If you have a spirited child, you’ll want to train him or her in squash. Squash is considered one of the best sports activities for young people.

It is sometimes difficult for children to adapt to the social world. For young people who don’t dare to make friends or who are harassed at school, squash courts can be a great place to play. A squash court is one of the best places to make friends. Not only does squash build confidence, but it can also help a young person find friends who share his or her own interests. Squash is a non-violent game, unlike rugby or soccer, which can involve extreme hitting and tackling, so it can be one of the most socially healthy sports for children.

Parents encourage their children to join many junior squash clubs because they are confident in their children’s safety. Equipped and dressed appropriately for the game, children are in good hands. Protective equipment, normally advised by sport coordinators and parents, will help protect children from injury, especially in the most sensitive areas such as the eyes. In addition, it can also help protect children from fights and other incidents that may occur during play. Squash is therefore one of the safest sports activities for children.

Squash is a great sport that can be played by children of all ages and abilities. It is fun, safe and can be extremely beneficial for your children. Therefore, if your children are bored and just want to spend time playing video games or watching TV, encourage them to join a squash group instead. Your child will thank you later for this.