Ohio Schools Bridge the Gap for Students with Disabilities

Ohio schools are redefining their special education program and closing the gap in achievement for students with disabilities.

Ohio schools believe that gaps in achievement are not the same as gaps in ability, and the education system has a responsibility to ensure that high achievement is an achievable goal for all students.

In addition, Ohio schools have argued that meaningful participation of students with disabilities in state assessment is absolutely essential to ensure that every child has access to a challenging curriculum and appropriate instruction.

In 2001, Ohio schools made a major change in their approach to students with disabilities by revising their school policy to require that students with disabilities participate in state evaluation.

Content standards are now central to instruction for all students in every classroom, and various research-based teaching strategies are aligned with the content standards. A consistent set of interventions, supports and services is used to ensure success for students with disabilities.

The current policy is that assessment reflects instruction and instruction reflects assessment, creating a shared responsibility for the education of students with disabilities.

The goals of Ohio schools in educating students with disabilities are standards, ability and responsibility.

They will improve access, participation and progress of students with disabilities in the general curriculum, based on Ohio’s academic standards.

The goal of ability is to encourage others to view students with disabilities as children of the general education system first and foremost.