10 tips to improve your child’s concentration and attention span

The children of each family are very precious. Education is an integral part of their growth process. It is often proven that the most concentrated children do well in school while improving their intelligence to a good extent. Here are 10 valuable tips to improve your child’s concentration and attention.

  1. Nutrition: When we talk about a child’s growth, it is directly related to his or her diet. Here, it is imperative to know that nutrition is the main key to improving the child’s level of concentration. Children who eat better can concentrate well on their daily activities. Your child’s cognitive functions are regulated by micronutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, selenium and vitamins A, C, D and E. Make sure that your child’s diet is rich in certain nutrients that can help your child concentrate and focus. Children who have a good level of focus and concentration will excel in all their activities, including school.
  2. Routine: Children’s growth process is very sensitive. Here, it is certainly the responsibility of parents to ensure that their growth is not only healthy, but also good in some way, they will be exposed to some good role models. Here, establishing a routine is the greatest help. Parents need to make sure they establish the best possible routine in their daily activities, which can help them to concentrate well. A well-defined routine can be very helpful for the child’s overall development, as well as being the best source of performance improvement. Some of these routines involve setting specific times for homework, play, eating, sleeping and much more. This kind of well-established routine will always make them well prepared so that they can meet their goals with a determined focus.
  3. Non-academic approach: Both academic and non-academic approaches should be part of children’s daily routine. Add some puzzles, quizzes and other things to the non-academic approach. These activities will automatically teach the child to concentrate better. Most importantly, these activities will improve the child’s exceptional problem-solving abilities. Academic tasks often make the child exhaustive. When you add exposure to non-academic practices in motion, they will help the child to concentrate well, which ultimately can be of great help academically.
  4. Small tasks: Large tasks are not of great interest to children. They tend to get bored when exposed to large tasks. This type of situation will have a significant impact on the child’s level of concentration. It is always wise to divide large tasks into several smaller tasks with a deadline. This will motivate them to solve these tasks with focused attention and concentration. This is the best way to improve your child’s concentration.
  5. Mitigating distractions: It is very common for children to be distracted very quickly. If you want your child’s concentration to improve, it is imperative to reduce or eliminate distractions in the best possible way. Atmosphere is another important cause of child distraction. Avoid loud sounds, television, music and other ambient sounds while your child is concentrating on something. Always observe the causes of distractions and remove them from the atmosphere as much as possible.
  6. Rest: Your child should get enough rest each day. Make sure your child gets enough sleep at night and add some extra rest during the day as well. This can allow the child to have a hands-on activity outside of rest, which can help him or her concentrate and focus on work.
  7. Gaps in time: It is imperative to allow a certain amount of time between children’s tasks. For example, doing homework continuously can cause them to lose concentration. Let them do their homework in snippets, making sure there is an interval between each task. This type of work ensures concentration while improving it in the right way.
  1. Congratulations : You must enjoy your child in every activity. Children see this kind of praise as the greatest motivation. A well-motivated child often tends to focus on the tasks at hand to get praise again. You must continue to do this with appropriate praise, as inappropriate praise can also lead to misdirection. Praise is the best way to improve the child’s concentration, but do it in a balanced and faultless manner.
  2. Activity changes: It is very common to change activities in the child’s daily routine. However, caution should be exercised here. Children are just growing up and find it hard to accept the changes. Sometimes these changes can have a dramatic effect on a child’s concentration. It is imperative to add activity changes with proper notice to the child in advance. You must prepare them for the change so that their concentration is not affected.
  3. Stories: Telling or reading stories to children that have had a very good positive impact for years. Make good use of story reading to improve the child’s attention and concentration. Listening and comprehension skills will greatly improve when reading stories. This is mainly due to the type of concentration the child gives to the activity. Thus, story reading is a proven practice to improve your child’s concentration and attention.