Recommended toys for babies 0-12 months

A good toy can stimulate and encourage your little one’s development, so it’s important to know how to choose it correctly. We’ll help you by giving you a few hints.

Babies 0-6 months

During the first few months of life, around the fourth week of life, babies are able to fix their gaze for a few moments on faces or objects, about 30 cm away. That’s why, at this age, you can start to teach him some age-appropriate pictures, books or hanging rattles.

By the end of the first trimester, the baby will be able to hold certain objects in his hands and put them in his mouth, so at this age it’s a good idea to play with the baby with rattles that make a certain sound or that are made of plastic or cloth for him to touch and suck on.

During the following trimester, until 6 months, the baby acquires skill in the hands, increases his visual capacity, begins to vocalize, it is time to show him his own image in the mirror, he will have a lot of fun.

It is recommended :

Toys that stimulate the senses: with different colors, textures and sounds, such as activity mats, rattles, cradle mobiles or fabric stories.
Toys for very young children must fulfill a series of characteristics to be suitable: soft, without small pieces, with different textures and striking colors .

Toys that attract your baby’s attention and promote his or her development.
Toys that help your baby discover his own body: teething toys, rubber dolls.
Babies 6 to 12 months

By the end of the 6th month, the baby is able to sit between the cushions, chatting and can only take the spoon, as his manual dexterity has developed a lot.

In order to continue to stimulate and encourage these skills, we can play with the baby with plastic cubes of different colors, walkers, jump balls or rolling shapes, mirrors and bathroom toys.

Until 9 months, the baby will learn to turn around, to discover the sensation of biting (since at this time his first teeth will come out), the diversity of sounds and music begins to attract attention, he is already able to drop one object to take another for himself and likes to drop toys. It is at this stage that he usually develops a particular affection for a stuffed animal, toy or blanket.

Children learn by playing at this stage, to play with them, stackable cubes can be used, which can be put inside each other, toys with wheels, tales of textures, with different designs.

In the last trimester of his first year of life, the baby will start to crawl forward, and try to stand up with some support. The possibilities are endless.

In addition, he already understands simple concepts such as indoors and outdoors, likes to play putting and taking things, learns to say goodbye, likes to play ball and is able to come back when they play with him, improves spoken language.

It is recommended to do so :

Toys that stimulate the exploration of objects: balls, fabric and cardboard stories and any toy that can grasp and explore.
Toys that stimulate movement: easy to grasp, swings, crawling stimulators.
Toys that stimulate affectivity: stuffed animals, rag dolls.
If you use a walker for your baby, always make sure it’s safe before your baby starts playing.