How do you teach children a natural reading habit?

This article is not intended to give advice to anyone or to recommend books or expensive techniques that will turn your child into a Super Child. This article is intended to naturally instill the habit of reading in every child by introducing books that interest him or her.

This article is about my journey with my 7 year old son and how he got into the habit of reading. My son enjoys reading a variety of books. I am sharing this article with everyone at Kind and Nice so that you can become familiar with my experience.

I believe that the roots of learning are in the good habits and quality time you spend with your children.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive books to read to your child. There are many good, inexpensive readings available on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry or you can simply go to the nearest bookstore and choose what is appropriate for your child’s age. You can buy used books from Amazon or used book sellers. I don’t mind buying used books from used book sellers.

I started reading books to my son when he was 7 months old.

I brought the first books from a Rs.1000 gift card I received in my office. Some of his initial books are second hand books shared by cousins. Even today, he does not hesitate to read books lovingly donated by relatives and friends.

I brought his first books to the Landmark Store using the gift card. I brought two beautiful books, one with beautiful nursery rhymes and the other with an alphabet with beautiful pictures. Later, I added a few more books to his collection, which I brought from a bookstore on display in my office. I spent about 200 rupees to buy 3 books whose price was between 50 and 90 rupees.

My son’s first books
When my son was almost 3 years old, I bought a package of Be Good Stories by Dreamland Publications from Amazon, which was sold for about 500 Euros under an Amazon Lightning contract, and started reading him a story every day. After that, he received a few used books from his cousins. When he was 4 years old, I added a few books to his library that I had brought from the Pragati Maidan International Book Fair in New Delhi. One book that he could recite entirely was Hulk to the Rescue by Marvel. I was amazed at how he could tell the story in the exact words as in the book. Some of his favorite books are :

Grandma’s Bag of Grandma’s Stories by Sudha Murty
The man with the stinking cheese and other rather stupid tales
Books by Geronimo Stilton by Scholastic
Tigers for Ruskin Bond dinner
151 Akbar’s Bird Stories
5 minute stories of STAR WARS by Disney
Smell and the Ultimate Thumb Wrestling by Megan McDonald
Vikram & Betaal
Books from Marvel Studio
Books from my son’s collection
Books from my niece’s collection
He has a collection of amazing books purchased from multiple sources. He also exchanges and shares his books with his friends. This habit allows him and his friends to have access to more books at no extra cost.

This was my trip with my son and his books. I would love to hear about your child’s favourite book. Please mention some of your little angels’ favorites in the comments section below.