Help your child gain self-confidence with these three simple steps

It’s hard to be a kid because we live in the age of social media and technology. School pressure, bullying or the need for validation can easily cool a child’s mind and make them lose confidence. But with a loving environment, encouraging words and a realistic perception of himself and his abilities, a child can slowly regain faith and confidence.

Here are three ways to help your child regain confidence:

Create a loving and supportive environment

A child needs to know that if he or she is sad, angry or going through something (whether big or small), there is a safe place where he or she can go home and where there will be no judgment, only acceptance, love and support. Always try to listen to what he has to say and give him advice. If you shout or make a mistake, apologize.

Praise him or her where appropriate. Young children tend to measure their accomplishments and self-esteem by positive feedback from their families, especially their parents. A good foundation at home is essential for a young person’s self-confidence.

Instilling resilience

While praise and positive comments are helpful, it is important that they are all realistic. When your child fails at something, praise them for their efforts, not for the results. Help them set realistic goals by explaining that, like you, they will face criticism, failures, pain and setbacks, but that they should use them as learning experiences. Be sad for a while or cry, then get up and move on.

Helping your child better understand himself and his abilities will help him set reasonable goals and avoid disappointed expectations – which will further build his confidence.

Support his interests

It is difficult for a child to express himself or herself and show confidence in doing things that do not interest him or her. Allow them to find their own passion or something they excel at and support them in all their interests, even if you are not interested.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage him to try other interests. Sport is a great way for a child to build confidence and develop social relationships. It also teaches them that they can start small, improve, train and achieve different goals.

The love, support and encouragement of parents play an important role in building a child’s self-confidence, whether they are a youngster or a teenager. Follow these 3 simple ways to have a happier, more confident child.