Healthy Snacks for Kids – Sneaky ways to boost your kids’ nutrition levels

First of all, let’s briefly remind ourselves how important it is for our children to eat healthy snacks rather than junk food. Otherwise, we are unlikely to make the small effort necessary to improve their eating habits or to be consistent in implementing dietary changes over the long term. So let’s be frank: healthy snacks instead of junk food means things like better school, sports and general behaviour now, and avoiding degenerative conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease later. If you’re worried that junk food snacks will be cheaper than healthier snacks, just remember how much money you’ll save on your children’s medical costs because you’ve loved them enough to keep them eating well and staying healthy, okay?

Okay, assuming your children are highly resistant to foods they suspect are healthy, let’s try some “new” snacks like the following:

  1. Delicious balls. They can be prepared in a variety of ways and are like big balls of concentrated sugar and flavour. The basic ingredient is usually peanut butter. If you can get freshly ground peanut butter made with 100% peanuts, that’s even better. Start with about one cup, then add about half a cup of honey, half a cup of oatmeal, a few raisins or other chopped dried fruit, chopped nuts or whatever you want. Add enough skim milk powder to get a firm but slightly sticky consistency, then form balls and roll them in coconut. Let stand in the refrigerator for about an hour, then eat. You can vary these balls by replacing the carob powder with the natural sweetener, adding finely ground whole wheat or other natural ingredients. Tahini (sesame paste) can be used instead of peanuts. Children will enjoy making them themselves.
  2. Banana Shake (This product is generally considered a “smoothie”, but since it seems too nutritious, we will call it a “milk-shake”). ) The trick is to use lots of very ripe bananas that you have peeled and frozen. Very ripe bananas have more flavour and sweetness, and using them frozen in your blender gives a thick shake effect. Use about three bananas per serving, with just enough skim milk to blend them. Adding a few raw eggs provides quality protein, gives a natural yellow color, and any egg taste is masked by the bananas.
  3. Block ice sticks. On hot summer days, your kids will love your homemade ice blocks. Buy several sets of mussels so you always have these healthy frozen snacks on hand.

Apple slushy. Whole organic apple juice or non-organic apple peels and cores before squeezing. Don’t just buy bottled juice, as it has usually been pasteurized (heated) before being packaged, and you’ll lose valuable nutrients. Put some pulp back into the juice to add fibre before pouring it into the moulds and freezing it.

Pina colada. In your blender, put the contents of a can of pineapple (in juice, not syrup) or fresh pineapple, and a can of cream or coconut milk. Mix well and freeze in your moulds.

Apricot Coconut. Mix the contents of a can of apricots in juice with 1 or 2 cups of fresh carrot juice. (It doesn’t matter, they won’t notice.) Add your can of coconut cream and freeze. Of course, when it’s not summer, you can always use these mixes as a dessert, or turn them into jelly (jello).

  1. Popcorn for the movies. Who can resist the aroma of fresh, hot popcorn? Use a hot air popper, then lightly spray the popcorn with olive oil and sprinkle with salt or seasoning. Your kids will eat whole grain corn while watching the show.

Childhood is a critical time to develop healthy eating habits, so do whatever it takes to “introduce” the right things into their diets.