Healthy, quick and convenient snacks for kids

“Don’t forget to put a snack in your backpack, you’re used to practicing after school.” Or “Remind me it’s our turn to bring snacks to the team on Saturday”. Sound familiar? With kids who move around a lot, it’s important to have quick and healthy snacks. Children need a healthy boost of energy and it needs to be done without too much time or hassle.

A box of doughnuts would certainly be easier, wouldn’t it? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be healthier. There are many healthy snacks that don’t take too much time to prepare or too much time to eat. Below are several snack ideas for you.

When thinking about snacks for your child, remember to consider the time of year. Frozen fruit juices are a fun and refreshing snack, but they’re not much fun if it’s cold and windy! However, for the warmer months, keep snacks cold in a cooler filled with ice.

It’s important to have plenty of fluids on hand, especially if your child is playing sports. Freeze juice boxes and water bottles to replace frozen liquids – contrary to the belief that freezing water bottles causes a toxic reaction. If you’ve ever heard this warning, it was just an urban legend – it’s not true.

Fruit is a simple snack that meets the demand for speed and ease. Take half a serving of applications, a few bananas and a few bunches of grapes and you’re ready to go.

Someone had the great idea to make ziplock bags the size of a snack. They are the perfect size to be filled with mix for hiking. A variation of this recipe is to mix pretzels, nuts, almonds and raisins. Some people prefer to mix M&M chocolate candies, peanuts, almonds and dried banana chips. Any combination of nuts and fruit works very well.

Mini muffins are always a big hit. Bake blueberry or banana and nut muffins, then toss a few muffins in a ziplock bag for a quick and tasty snack to go.

With a small investment of time, you can make nutritious granola bars. Add oatmeal, sunflower seeds, almonds, wheat germ, honey, vanilla and dried fruit such as apricots, cherries or blueberries. Make one or two casseroles, slice them, wrap them and serve them!

And if you have time, make turkey rolls. Each wrap consists of two slices of turkey and an optional slice of cheese wrapped in a piece of lettuce. Kids are a little skeptical at first, but after just one bite, they’ll be hooked. They too must stay cool.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to make a lot of baked goods and preparations, the grocery store offers many snack options. String cheese, cucumber slices or individual portions of yoghurt to take away stored in the cooler are healthy snacks.

Visit the bulk food section for fruit mixes, nuts, dried fruit and individual packages of crackers and cheese or pretzels and peanut butter. Packing healthy snacks is very convenient. Sweet potato or rice chips are much healthier than their popular friend, the potato chip. They also taste delicious; just give the children a chance to try them. Plus, if they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat just about anything!

Sometimes you may not find something as healthy as you would like it to be while keeping in mind the need for speed and convenience. While you can simply avoid harmful snacks, you are doing your child a great service.