Healthy Eating – What you need to know

Healthy eating and healthy living. This is the subject of this article. As most of us probably know, obesity is a major problem in America today.

More than 30% of the American population, from children to older Americans, have what doctors like to call a “small weight problem”.

What causes it? Do people simply have an aversion to healthy eating? Or has our society become too sedentary? Or is it a combination of both? The issue of obesity and health is complex.

One of the factors contributing to this epidemic of enormous proportions is that today, in society, it is normal for both mother and father to work.

This leaves little time to prepare healthy meals at home. Instead, parents often tend to choose to simply stop at the nearest fast-food restaurant through the window and pick up such things as hamburgers, fries and shakes, or other fattening foods.

This is on the one hand understandable, but on the other hand regrettable. Millions of our children today start out so young with a life that is not healthy but rather unhealthy. As a nation, we need to do more and better.

We are Americans and we can do whatever we want. We can certainly achieve the goal of a better and healthier life for our children – can’t we?

Of course we can, and we must. Our future depends on it.