Healthy activities for children

Nowadays, children are exposed to the internet, television and movies. When they are not in school, they spend their days surfing the web, playing online games or watching videos on You Tube.

Or they watch their favourite cartoons on TV and in movies. If they choose to play with toys, it’s usually with electronic gadgets that most often replicate online games. Or they play with the figurines of the characters they see on television.

The days when kids climbed trees, sold lemonade or played ball are almost over. You ask yourself: is this healthy for your children?

You can do something about it. You can encourage your children to play sports – basketball, baseball, soccer, badminton, swimming.

Find one where they can excel. Take them to a clinic or sports club where kids their age can get together. Volunteer at home for meetings or practices, or even coach them. When your children see that you are interested in this kind of sport, they will be interested too.

Children who aren’t too interested in the sport can take dance classes. There are schools that teach ballet, jazz and ballroom dancing. Join them. It will be good for you too.

Invite their friends to your home after school or on weekends. Prepare simple snacks. Have them participate in board games where they run, jump and dance.

If you don’t have time for these activities, buy your kids a Nintendo Wii. This will make up for the lack of exercise not only for your children, but also for yourself.

What’s important is that children can move to be healthy.