A healthy summer for children

To help your children stay healthy during the summer, you need to start by setting a good example. In the summer, schedules change and routines tend to be abandoned. Establishing a flexible summer routine will allow children to have fun while staying healthy. One activity that most children enjoy is planting a garden. By growing their own food, children are more likely to eat things they would not otherwise eat.

Involve your children in the process from beginning to end. Ask them to help you prepare the soil, plant the seeds, pick the ripe vegetables and cook them. A garden helps children eat well, but there are other ways to encourage good nutrition. Involve them in menu planning, shopping and cooking. Let them help you make decisions about what to eat.

It is not necessary to deny children access to television, computers or video games to encourage them to exercise. Instead, limit the amount of time they spend exercising. Most children are active by nature. Insist that they spend time outdoors, and before you know it, they’ll be exercising naturally. Many communities have wading pools or swimming pools. Water activities are a great way for children to exercise and socialize with friends.

Most cities offer summer sports activities for children. Allow your children to participate in one of them. This will allow them to get some good exercise, see their friends and teach them the importance of teamwork. Churches, the YMCA and other youth organizations usually offer a variety of summer activities. However, if your children don’t like sports, don’t force them to participate. Participate in a marathon or charity walk to give your children a sense of helping others while they exercise.

If your area does not offer aquatic activities, consider investing in a swimming pool. The expense is well worth the exercise they will get. Even a sprinkler in the yard where they can play will encourage them to exercise. Exercise as a family. You can put a new twist on things by creating your own games. Frisbee, soccer, golf, badminton, skipping rope and dancing are good starting points. Turn a hike into a treasure hunt to add a little intrigue.

All children should have chores to do at home. Try to make sure your child’s task gives him or her an opportunity for exercise. Tasks that will give him or her the opportunity to exercise include walking the dog, cleaning flower beds, putting out the laundry, vacuuming and sweeping, to name a few of the tasks that will get his or her body moving.

Children need adequate rest in the summer to stay healthy. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they get it. Bedtime should always be approximate. While there is nothing wrong with having a flexible summer routine, it is important to get enough rest. Children rarely go to bed voluntarily, so when you see that your child is too tired, readjust the summer schedule. Keep your children healthy by choosing a healthy lifestyle.