A boy lost in a known crowd

Being an Indian teenager, belonging to a lower middle class family and living in a developing new big city society are obvious symptoms for your mind to get lost in the great crowd of strangers. Wait!! think of the crowd in the well-known market place. If you guess it, you might be afraid that I am not talking about those fish markets or those sumptuous shopping malls. It is about being a soldier in an unknown army who promises to conquer a seat in an IIT [if you are unable to get even 90% in your boards] and in the minimum case, to be able to gain a rank in the JEE(hands) [even if you are able to get the grades required to get the CFTI]. Yes, this is absolutely true. In my early teens, I dreamed of becoming an F1 driver. But as the symptoms show, it’s true that my family members discouraged me. Otherwise, I would end up being severely injured psychologically by the usual sharp weapons found in the families I grew up in [arrows dipped in the toxic fluid of emotion and the tragedy of being the poor and bows being the mouth of the parents]. If the child still has a good grip on his lens, then the wheel of his car is strongly oriented in the direction where there is no sign of being a hero in his life. In this case, I was also an ant from a coaching institute that was trying very hard to meet the expectations of society to be a responsible Indian citizen. I met a boy who had such a case. It was very difficult for him to face a world he had never imagined and which finally turned out to be the most devastating years of his life.

Over time, he survived in one way or another, he climbed to the shore, wiped away his tears, healed his wounds and prepared to sink along the stream of expectations of the human race. As the demand grew, he got a place at a university with a SCHOLARSHIP (a real godsend for his family) and he was ready to take on the world. His dreams and desires are still crushed in a corner of his heart, but he has a new perspective to challenge the humans who have not shown themselves to be human, a new vision to prove people wrong and who have said these words: “This boy would be much freer than his father is right now”, with a new madness, a new intensity and a heart full of obsession. He made the foolish decision to take a degree in Belgium in the CSE program at the same time as an MBA. It was a complete disaster for him, because he didn’t even like to sit in one place and type for hours. But now he is getting familiar with computers, even if he doesn’t want to. He’s handled the machines so badly that he’s gotten used to them and got caught up in them, just like he did with science in his early years at school. When someone questioned him about his decisions, he kept an inner silence because he was getting to know a well-known fact: if your parents don’t support you enough, you won’t be able to pursue your dreams in anything other than school. This is the only field in which as many of us as possible are encouraged. But by the end of his most devastating years, he had developed a master plan to feed the hunger of his obsession. He did a lot of research and thought of associating his career with a beautiful word: “ENTREPRENEUR”. But he fought hard. He struggled to survive with the rich kids in college with almost zero money, struggling to keep his eyes off the distractions and entertainment that almost every engineer does. And as the saying goes, “The fruit of patience is always the sweetest”. He was placed in a very reputable company with a huge package that no one expected him to win. His parents, unable to control their emotions thinking about their son being placed and ready to move abroad. As usual, no one bothered to ask him about his investment decisions. Everyone asked him for treats in the joy [of formality and jealousy] of seeing him go abroad where they had never dreamed.

Without even thinking about the results, and after calculating the refusal of his letter of appointment, took this step. He left everyone in a huge shock, but no one knew about the young company he had created until a year after graduation. As usual, his parents couldn’t control their emotions, but now they had three words: FUTURE SON, UNEMPLOYMENT.

Everyone thought he would return to his parents after graduation, but as he was expected to be an unexpected decision-maker, he moved to the capital city “New Delhi”, where he already had his company in the making, which he would now feed a little more and spin around the nation. The parents got to know their son a few months later and other family members after accidentally seeing him in an interview with the news channel. Currently, he owns sumptuous homes in Delhi, M